Yarmouth Social Studies Graduation Expectations

As a YHS student, you will

  • demonstrate skills of  inquiry, interpretation, argumentation, and synthesis by analyzing  primary and secondary sources.

  • understand and demonstrate the purpose and functions of government and the rights and responsibilities of civic life.

  • understand economic concepts and systems and how these affect decisions at personal, regional, national, and global levels.

  • understand where people, places, and resources are located and the relationships among them.

  • understand the opportunities and challenges that arise from connections and conflicts among nations and cultures.

  • understand major historical events, eras, and themes and their defining characteristics.
Yarmouth Social Studies Courses

CP World to 1600

Honors World to 1600

CP Modern World History

AP Modern European History

CP United States History

AP United States History

CP Asian Studies

CP Intro. to Economics

CP Intro. to Government

CP Middle East Studies

Honors Human Behavior